“Hype” your trails, it’s essential to success! We set up professional photo and video shoots to provide image clips for all your marketing needs. Communication through social media, plus certain print and online channels is vital to reach mountain bikers. Our tailored communication tactics will get your audience hungry to experience your trails. Active media presence will keep current customers coming back, as well as sharing their experience with other potential customers.  Trailtech has unique media skills and speak the riders language, making it possible to reach multiple rider demographics and spread the news about your amazing regional trails. Let us and our partners design and set up your website, Instagram, Facebook, logos, trail maps, printed promotional materials, etc. to make sure your identity is appealing to mountain bikers. We reach the correct channels to assure that your trails are full from opening day onwards.



Protect your investment! Every trail needs maintenance. Targeted, regular maintenance will keep the trails in tip-top shape, which provides the best ride experience and maximizes word-of-mouth reviews among riders. Trailtech.at offers customized trail-care solutions and a guarantee on the trails we plan and build. Its your choice; leave the maintenance to us, or we also educate locals about maintenance techniques and the rules of trail care through IMBA certified trailbuilding/maintenance workshops. 



We utilize the IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) guidelines, special eco-friendly construction techniques, and the Trailtech “rider’s eye” to turn visions into effective bike infrastructure. To build bike trails is not just only moving dirt and rocks, it's something more; it's reading and understanding the landscape and the environment and creating something unique. The riders should flow over the trail while at the same time, feeling connected with the surrounding environment. This unique trail experience is what brings back riders again and again to the same trail, and can only be accomplished through proper planning, trail design, and quality construction. 



The key ingredient to successful trails is well thought-out design. Our trail specialists and environmental experts work together to maximize the trail experience while avoiding negative impact on the environment. IMBA guidelines are followed to ensure the highest quality standards, in terms of riding quality, environmental consideration and longevity of the trail.  We deliver only sustainable trail design, that is guaranteed fun, no matter your target group. We even back our design quality with a low-maintanace guarantee. 



We create a logistical plan to fit any budget.

A detailed timeline, implementation plan and a cost estimate are delivered based on region-specific factors and feedback from stakeholders. At this phase, it is critical to involve all groups (landowners, hunters and forest service representatives, community leaders, land managers, resort managers, etc.) so any foreseeable hurdles can be overcome. We maximize the results and ease of implementation by delivering a easy to follow, step-by-step plan.

plan_biotop_recherche copy.jpg


There’s a "right" trail for everyone!

Every rider has different preferences and abilities. So does every bike region. We analyze the specifics of your region; such as target groups, budget, landscape of the available trail zones, existing infrastructure, etc and use this as the base. From there, we develop a personalized concept for each client, and give recommendations within your personal criteria for the development of a successful bike offering. YOUR input, combined with OUR research and knowledge combine to create a vision. No matter the scope of the project, we'll help you reach it in the most efficient and effective way.