We provide urban furniture solutions that aim to promote bike usage as a means of transportation, leisure or sports.
Our innovative products are imagined, draw, developed and produced by cyclists for cyclists. Solutions are planned, developed and installed by a team of people who also ride bikes, assuring that all our products are created taking into account the final needs of the bike user.



Bike Parks and MTB Centres are permanent sports infrastructures, consisting of networks of trails for the practice of mountain biking equipped with specific structures dedicated exclusively to MTB leisure practitioners.

These places are equipped with parking spaces, changing rooms, service stations, self-service washing stations and other valences that aim to make the user experience as pleasant and smooth as possible.

Bike Parks and MTB Centers help the development of the areas where they are located. In order to operate efficiently and profitably, it is necessary that they have a set of equipment  with all the quality, modernity and efficiency and with the aim of having the minimum of maintenance possible.



Hospitality is a sector that has to reinvent itself every day in order to be more competitive and attract the greatest number of visitors/customers.

We helps to transform any type of accommodation into a Bike Friendly one.

Bicycles are used by tourists more and more frequently, either through rental or through the use of their own bicycle to travel. With bicycles that are true companions of travel and that in many cases are extremely expensive, one should not limit their presence in the lodging.

We offer from simple storages, parking or repair systems to global projects that aim to transform your hotel/hostel/lodging into a bicycle friendly unit, thus increasing your revenue by opening it to a growing market niche.



Electrical mobility has revolutionized the way we view the cities.

If a few years ago it was almost impossible to see any kind of electric vehicle on our streets, nowadays they are quite common. We are not just talking about electric bicycles, but all kinds of forms of transportation, from wheelchairs to scooters, from cars to buses and logistics vehicles.
Electric bicycles for example have had a huge growth in cities all over Europe, and are often the solution to the pointed problem of the steep slopes of the cities.

In order to support one of the fastest growing modes of bicycle use, electric bikes, we provide charging solutions for these e-powered bicycles but that can be used for other means such as scooters, wheelchairs and others.

Whether they are 100% eco-friendly solutions with photovoltaic panels or solutions connected to the grid, we can make any place friendlier to all means of electric mobility.



We offer  urban furniture solutions that aim to make cities more bike friendly and also pedestrian friendly.

Knowing that the two main obstacles to the use of the bicycle in urban surroundings are safety and mechanical factors, our equipments are developed to give bicycle users confidence in their tours around the city.

Correct and safe parking places, bicycle storage safes, air pumps for all types of tires and even self-service workshops are equipment that help cyclists and promote the use of bicycles in urban areas, thus contributing to a city that is less polluted, with more physically active citizens and therefore healthier, but also to reduce the levels of pollution, both atmospheric and sound.

It is also proven that bike-friendly cities are also good for traditional businesses.

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